Mondo Generator live @ Traffic Roma 5/2/2020

Traffic Club, Via Prenestina 738 [Roma] 

Mondo Generator (Euro Tour 2020)

Mondo Generator is a punk/metal hybrid band from Los Angeles, fronted by Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Dwarves, Bloodclot, Kyuss).

Mondo Generator was formed in 1997 by Queens of the Stone Age bassist/singer Nick Oliveri. Initially intended as a solo/side project, the classic “Cocaine Rodeo” album was recorded that same year, but shelved until the Southern Lord label released it and its unique brand of criminal insanity to widespread acclaim and horror in the summer
of 2000. The follow-up, “A Drug Problem That Never Existed,” was released jointly in the Summer of 2003 by Ipecac/Rekords Rekords to further critical acclaim. A worldwide tour followed that was chronicled on video for the DVD release “Use Once and Destroy Me”. In 2004, Mondo Generator recorded and released “III The EP.” Oliveri began a solo acoustic career shortly after, which would see two full releases, “Demolition Day”, and 2010’s “Death Acoustic.” In 2006, Mondo Generator released “Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails” on English label Mother Tongue. It would be released worldwide the following year on Suburban Noize Records. In late 2010, Mondo Generator would be put on a back-burner as Oliveri rejoined Kyuss, re-branded as Kyuss Lives! (and now Vista Chino), which also features John Garcia, Brant Bjork, and new guitarist Bruno Fevery. In summer 2012, the new Mondo Generator album, “Hell Comes To Your Heart,” was released by Mondo Media/Cobraside.

Special guest_ Solar Mantra (Argonauta Records)

Solar Mantra is a mighty stoner/psych project.
Fuzzy and loud riffs powered by psychedelic mood.
We shared the stage with Orange Goblin, Black Rainbows, Banquet, The Well, Tuna de Tierra, Fvzz Popvli and many more…

Open act_ STONEWOOD (This is Core Rec. // Stoner, Alternative)

STONEWOOD were born in 2014: two guitars Carlo and Fabio, Grabiel bass, Augusto drums and Vito lead singer.
Everyone put his musical influences in the project, like grunge, stoner, hard rock, doom, trying to mix them in a unique sound.
In the late 2014, the band releases its EP; the sound is still grungy
but one song will make the difference and will be the start of the evolution of the band: Space Goat.
In 2015, Stonewood are at work trying to find a proper sound and doing some gigs in Rome, their hometown.
Grabiel leaves the band in 2016 and the band starts over with a new bassist, Francesco.
In 2017 the band gets to a turning point increasing live activity and opening concerts for bands like Gozu, Holy Grove, No Mute, Dieselokkult, Black Rainbows and Fvzz Popvli.
The five space goats record their self titled first album in january 2018 and it will be in every digital store from 2nd november.
The best is yet to come.
► Open 9pm // Start 10pm // Ticket 10€


Fabrizio Bisegna

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