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Hi Tommy and welcome to Relics Rock Magazine, thanks for being here to talk about your very last project “Tommy’s Rocktrip” and your debut album “Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll”.

R. – After years as a drummer for artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, Rob Zombie, you finally created your own project. How and when it’s born this idea?

T.C. – In this world wide shut down , I was finally awarded this big block of time ! And the opportunity came up to make my own record , I said why not! I took it as a challenge and experiment to see if I could, and if I could would I like it…. I do like it and I hope people enjoy it too.

R. – Tommy’s Rocktrip represents a kind of trip into a rockin’ world: could you explain us this special journey and its final destination?

T.C. – It’s just my take on the attitude and spirit that my favorite rock n roll has. I wanted to try and capture that vibe in music that I came up with myself… energy , groove, fun sexiness and excitement… That’s my trip on music

R. – We all know you as a talented drummer, but now we unexpectedly got the chance to see you in action as lead vocals: how was it? How do you feel in this new role?

 T.C. – I only sang because two songs were about the loves of my life… “ Power of Three” is about my beautiful daughter and “ Make me Smile” is about my amazing wife…. so I had to sing those to be truthful and as a gift to them …. I am not a singer but I felt I had to sing those to them , even if it was bad…. you be the judge!

R. – Listening “Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll”, one of the first impressions is a really good feeling between the members of the band, and a general sensation of fun during the performance: how did you deal with Eric and all the other components of the band during the album recording process?

T.C. – We rehearsed the songs diligently for a few days then went right into record… no demos and very fast . And totally live in the same room together with no technology involved , just amps and drums…. we had had a great time , cause we were all on the same page trying to make great music.

R. – Do you have any favorite song in this album? If yes, which one and why?

T.C. – Power of Three , cause my daughter loves it and it tells the simple story of our love for our daughter in a rock n roll nursery rhyme..

R. – You have a long and very important career as a rock drummer: did anybody or anything “inspired” you to follow this specific way?

T.C. –    My Father and my family are my biggest inspirations…

R. – During your great career you had the privilege to work with superstars as Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne. Did you get anything special from each of them?

T.C. – I picked up so many tricks of the trade from ALL of the greats I’ve worked with… I’m a lucky rocker

R. – “Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll” has been released as debut album after a so difficult year for all of us, due to the pandemic events: how are you experiencing this period?

T.C. – I literally rocked through… and my family came together as family’s should to beat the odds

R. – Looking for post covid19 live shows, which are your plans to promote this album at its best?

T.C. We shall see what happens!  

Waiting for you back on stage as soon as possible, especially here in Italy, we truly congratulate with you for your incredible career and for this new great adventure “Tommy’s Rocktrip”.

Thank you so much for being here with Relics Rock Magazine today!

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