ULVEDHARR: new album ‘Inferno XXXIII’

Death metal, to hell and back

‘Inferno XXXIII’ is a nightmarish trip through 10 death metal songs infused with crafty black and thrash influences. 

The new UIvedharr album is a sonic & lyrical compendium of violence, madness, despair, inner fears and thirst for revenge: a dystopic portrait of the present times and a very bleak vision of mankind’s future. 

The creepy but stunning artwork is based on Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’, chapter XXXIII, where the word ‘vengeance’ is the main subject of the action. Thus, the entire mood of the record is dark, morbid and oppressing – just as extreme metal is always supposed to be. 

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…

Ark Nattlig Ulv – vocals
Jack Draven – guitar
Magnus Frost – guitar
Markus Ener – bass
Mike Bald – drums

• fifth studio-album for the relentless Italian death metal warmachine 

• mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Hideous Divinity) 

• artwork by Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Firespawn, Revocation)

• vinyl version available (limited 300 copies)

• for fans of Entombed A.D., Vader, Unleashed, Dissection, Lik, Baest2023 tour dates:

03.03 IT – Bergamo/Druso

12.05 IT – Isola Della Scala (VR)/Isola Rock Festival

07.07 SLO – Škofja Loka/Črna Loka festival


Giulia Di Nunno

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